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Introducing our premium retail display featuring Goat's Milk Soaps with a Natural Sea Sponge, a luxurious skincare solution that combines cleansing and exfoliation in one. This display package includes 32 soaps in a variety of our top 15+ fragrances, or you can customize the selection to suit your preferences.


Each soap features a natural sea sponge embedded within, varying in color from yellow to light brown due to its natural origin. To enhance customer engagement, the display includes a free framed 5" x 7" information card explaining the product and its usage.


Elevate your retail offering with our Goat's Milk Soaps with Natural Sea Sponge display. Ideal for showcasing unique and effective skincare products, this display attracts customers and encourages sales with its innovative design and premium quality.

Standard Sponge Soap Display w/32 Soaps

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