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Introducing our standard cardboard display featuring 50 bar soaps, curated to showcase a variety of at least 15 different fragrances. You have the flexibility to select specific fragrances or mix and match between our goat's milk bars and half & half bars to create a personalized display.


Key Features:


  • Versatile Display: Contains 50 bar soaps in a standard cardboard display.
  • Fragrance Variety: Includes at least 15 different fragrances to choose from.
  • Customizable Selection: Option to select specific fragrances or mix goat's milk and half & half bars.
  • Attractive Presentation: Ideal for retail settings to attract customer attention.
  • Diverse Offerings: Appeals to a wide range of preferences and tastes.


Enhance your retail space with our versatile standard cardboard display, designed to highlight our diverse range of bar soaps. Whether you prefer curated selections or personalized mixes, this display offers flexibility and visual appeal. Order today and elevate your soap offerings with quality and variety!

Standard Soap Bar Display w/50 Soaps

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